Brown Backs Free Speech

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Fri Nov 2 16:17:37 EST 2001

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Friday, 2 November 2001

Brown Backs Free Speech

In the wake of Peter Knot MP being forced to withdraw his remarks regarding
the terrorist attacks on the United States, Greens Senator Bob Brown has
called on the Prime Minister and Opposition leader to speak out in defence
of free speech.

"We have to be careful in this country not to give up the freedoms we are
supposed to be fighting for", Senator Brown said.

"Foremost amongst those freedoms is freedom of belief and self-expression.

"If there is disagreement it should be followed by debate, not censorship.
This is not the McCarthy era.

"The right to hold an opinion different to the Prime Minister and Opposition
leader, no matter who you are, is a fundamental one.

"There is a dangerous whiff of censorship in the air," said Senator Brown.

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